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Photo Entry

Send in your photos and stand to win exciting prizes!


Take a selfie with your buddy, show your biggest and brightest smile!


* Do keep to your small groups according to the social distancing guidelines.  


Take a look around the beautiful nature of Singapore and capture those moments. 


Have lots of fun as you walk and run! The wackiest the better!!


A family that walks together stays together. Capture those precious moments with your loved ones. 


05 Corporate Team with most participants

Gather your colleagues for a time away from office and do an activity that's good for you and for the community.

Volunteer Team

Whether you're in a running group, a dance crew or with your Zumba friends, we're inviting you to join us and have fun!

To be considered for the prizes, all running entries must be submitted by 5.00 PM, 27th Nov 2021 to

Looking forward to see your photos!

Group Workout
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